TokyWoky release: Widgets & Semantic URLs

Posted by Team TokyWoky on April 14, 2022 Team TokyWoky

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It's that time again! The TokyWoky product team has been hard at work to innovate so that you have even more options to drive engagement, retention and advocacy from your community. Our new release includes to main new features that we hope you'll love as much as we do!


🔍 What you'll find in our latest release:

  1. New more comprehensive widget
  2. Semantic URLs


Display any type of content on your website with the new and improved Widgets

Our clients asked for it, as always, we're happy to oblige! Discover the brand new Widgets and push any content from the TokyWoky community, anywhere on your website. 

Here's what we designed based on our clients' feedback:

  1. Display all types of content from the community, whether it's outfits of the day, makeup routines or single posts from a member
  2. Show only the content created by members about a specific product 
  3. Decide if you'll use it on one or multiple pages of your online store


It's super easy and quick to implement, to make it more user-friendly, we decided to enable you to simply call an iframe any time you wish to display a piece of content on one of your website pages. 

This will allow you to leverage your User Generated Content to its full potential.

We've already had great feedback from users, please give it a go, we'd love to hear your thoughts!


Improve your SEO rankings with semantic URLs

We think this one is going to please the marketer in you ðŸ˜

All the URLs in your community pages now include semantic information with the name of the page and the title of the post! 


What this improvement means is that you can now get an SEO benefit from each of your community pages, exponentially increasing your presence in search results. Not only is this recommended by Google, but it will also be a lot clearer for users!

Don't worry if you've used the old URLs in some campaigns, they'll still work. And of course, if you wish to edit a specific URL for clarity, that's also possible from your admin console.

Not sure how it works on the platform? Your CSM will be happy to show you around and if you don't have a community with us yet, please feel free to book a demo

We hope you enjoy the new features! As you can see, our platform keeps evolving as we support online and retail brands to drive more value from their best customers. We're fully focused on improving the overall member and brand experience so if you have any suggestions, please reach out 😀

Keep an eye out for future releases – there's plenty more to come! ðŸ‘‹

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