5 examples of online community UGC that drive conversion in retail

Posted by Quentin Lebeau on July 18, 2022

User Generated Content or UGC is increasingly becoming the most popular advocacy vehicle used by brands and retailers.

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7 tactics to boost online ROI

Posted by Team TokyWoky on July 7, 2022

This year, UK inflation hit an all-time high of 8%, fuel prices are soaring, and the cost of living is reaching astronomical levels. As a result, we can expect consumers to spend less on non-essential goods and services.

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TokyWoky release: Email sending, new admin look and improved content sharing

Posted by Team TokyWoky on June 21, 2022

We usually publish our new product features every quarter but we couldn't wait any longer as we had so much to share with you!

The TokyWoky product team has worked very hard on bringing you fresh features and updates to help you leverage the potential of your brand community. Enjoy!

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Community recruitment strategy: leveraging social media & email marketing

Posted by Quentin Lebeau on May 16, 2022

The first step to building a successful brand community is to recruit members. This is a crucial strategy to activate contributions and user-generated content quickly. The sooner you have members interacting, the sooner your community will start fostering trust, brand attachment and incremental revenue!

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Community recruitment strategy: your website as an essential asset

Posted by Quentin Lebeau on May 6, 2022

When launching a brand community, one of our clients’ biggest concerns is how to recruit members to get the ball rolling on contributions and later, how to keep increasing the size of their community.

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