How Carrefour launched one of the largest Grocery Retail communities in a matter of months.

Posted by Quentin Lebeau on June 13, 2023

In the last months, we’ve had the privilege of working with Carrefour on one of our most ambitious community project yet. Scoping, building and launching a global community for one of Europe’s leading retailers was, in fact, one of our most exciting challenges.

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How Veepee grew its community from 0 to 80k+ members in two weeks.

Posted by Quentin Lebeau on April 14, 2023

Early March, Veepee broke our all-time record in terms of community growth going from 0 to 80k+ members in less than two weeks.

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What's Next After Customers' Big Shift to Digital? (Retail Talk)

Posted by Hanne Deceuninck on September 29, 2020

As we prep for the busiest season in retail in an already exceptional year, our latest panel talks about what's to come for the industry. The pandemic left little choice to both customers and companies in their embrace of digital. Now that your customers have gone digital - what's next?

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