What Online Shoppers Want To Know As The Lockdown Lifts

Posted by Hanne Deceuninck on May 12, 2020 Hanne Deceuninck

As the lockdown is starting to slowly lift around the world, we are listing the most frequently asked questions by online shoppers right now.

Data is based on the activity of 130+ brand communities platforms powered by TokyWoky in Europe and the US, accross beauty, fashion, DIY, fitness and pet retailers.

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Stores reopening

Lockdown measures vary by country and state. Best practice is providing an updated list with closed/open locations that's easily accessible on your website.

  • When will stores reopen?
  • Have you adapted opening hours because of the crisis?
  • Can I order online and collect my package in-store after the lockdown?


Safety measures

  • What safety measures are you taking with stores and deliveries?
  • Are masks mandatory to enter a store?
  • Do you limit the number of customers who can enter the store?
  • Can the virus live on items I bought? How can I make sure my order is safe?



  • Will delivery times speed up again with the lockdown ending?
  • Do you offer contactless delivery?
  • Do you offer a Click&Drive or Click & Pick Up service?
  • My order was delivered in-store prior to the lockdown: do you still have my order?
  • I'm relocating during the pandemic. Can I change my delivery address?
  • Which pick up locations have reopened?



  • Can we start returning or exchanging items in store after the lockdown?
  • Is it possible to return an item without entering the store?
  • I haven't been able to return my item in time due to the Coronavirus situation, what can I do?


Gift cards

  • I haven't been able to use my voucher / gift card because of the lockdown: what should I do?


Product availability

  • Is there a limit to the number of hand sanitizers or masks I can buy?
  • When will you restock these essential products?
  • Are you expecting delays in restocking or upcoming releases due to the virus?

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